woensdag 2 mei 2012

Commedia dell´Arte and its Repertory by Antonio Fava in Utrecht.

COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE and its Repertory.
Unique course by the world famous Maestro ANTONIO FAVA.

June 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2012 Utrecht, The Netherlands.

When we talk about "Commedia dell’Arte" we tend to think of a hermetically closed theatre style consisting of fixed elements and unchanging characters. In reality, Commedia dell’Arte is much much more than that. It is a complex system constructed from very diverse, interactive theatre components. The very first thing we think of with Commedia dell’Arte is: theatre, acting work, an art form = a cultural sector, a profession, and a systematic organization of that profession. A second association we get with Commedia dell’Arte is: Italian theatre, Italian comedy. A third meaning of Commedia dell’Arte might be: theatre with masks and fixed, flat characters; stereotypes. But Commedia dell’Arte can also be seen as a system: a method to develop theatre works based on the use of masks, improvisation, multilingualism and characters that are relatively predetermined in advance.Commedia dell’Arte, finally, can also be considered as ‘artistic capital.’ Composed of characters, situations, scripts, and genres, taken together it form a repertoire. Each of these five crucial meanings of Commedia dell’Arte will be explored profoundly in this course, with particular emphasis on the fifth: repertoire. For instance, we have Commedia from the North and from the South, each of which differs in artistic style and in its heroical and tragical characteristics. When you speak as Harlequin or Pulcinella, depending on whether you are in the North or in the South, you’ll be saying different things in a script that is also structured differently. 
In the course we will explore all these different artistic aspects of Commedia dell’Arte by confronting different Commedia stock characters with others inspired by classical mythology.
Each lesson will be built up from basic gestures and movements to improvisations and, in a broader sense, from technique to creating dramatic structures. 
The course will conclude with a public presentation based on a scenario developed by the participants themselves.

Antonio Fava is one of the leading Commedia dell’Arte maestros in the world. He will personally teach the course. Participants will be allowed to work with over forty original handmade leather masks that can represent all the comical, heroic, poetic, mythological, or tragic characters from both the North and from the South. www.commediabyfava.it

Thursday till Sunday from 10:00 till 17:00
Participation fee: 350,- Euro
Students: 300,-Euro
Balkstraat 31
3513XL Utrecht, The Netherlands.
More info: commediamartha@gmail.com
Mobiel: 0639505737

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