woensdag 18 juli 2012

CLOWN workshop (or the pleasure of being ridiculous)

One week workshop
13 until 17 August.

During the workshop we'll try, through improvisations, to discover the inner idiot that we have inside us and make others laugh. Once dicovered we must be able to be proud of it, to have pleasure to show it off to the others.
We'll pass over some technical rutines to help the students
understand the process of devising a number or a show.
Finally we'll go into improvisation work, where we'll focus on finding the state of the clown.
CLOWN TECHNIQUE (or what to do whit our clown):
We'll study some classic Clown and comedy rutines to
give the students some basic tools that can be useful
when they face putting an idea on stage: (The ability of our
Clown, play situations as a clown, classic rutines (duos,
trios), energy, tension and rythm, the body of our Clown
(Motors, gestures, tics, actitudes...), status, laws of
THE STATE OF OUR CLOWN (Where is my Clown?):
Through improvisation exercises and provocations we'll
find the state of our Clown basing our work on the
reactions of the audience and always looking for the Clown that makes others laugh. We'll learn how to find the pleasure of games and how to take profit of our most ridiculous side.
(The game, pleasure of being ridiculous, failuire as motor for the Clown (Mr. Flop), fragility and inocence, positive spirit...)

Actor, Director and Theatre teacher with a wide international experience. Graduated from École Internationale de Théâtre JAQUES LECOQ (Paris) and from Estudis Escénics
El Timbal (Barcelona).
He teaches Movement, Neutral Mask and Clown at the École PHILIPPE GAULIER (Paris). In 2008 he created YINdeYAN in Laudio-Llodio (Spain), He has also taught different workshops in Spain, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Holland and Brasil that have received the support of official organisms.
He has also directed Clown shows for different companies around Europe such as Cirque de Legume” / Irleland (Special Jurys award for their run at the 59E59 Theatres off Broadway (New York)
during the 1st Irish Festival, Bewleys Theater Award at the Dublin Fringe Festival and in world tour since 2009), “The Gazpacho Brothers” / France, “Ginno&Foggy” / Italy, “Cia.
Sombra y Ficción” / Madrid.
He was recently casted as Clown for future productions of the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.

Paticipation fee: 210,- Euro
190,- Euro (students)

Monday till Friday from 10:00 to 16:30
Balkstraat 31 Utrecht

More info: commediamartha@gmail.com

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